Uncover Solutions

 Design based on functionality, Norwegian tradition and storytelling.

Functional products with identity

We aim for the right balance between
functionality, material need, production methods, 
aesthetics and cost.

Functional interiors for Corporate and private customers

Fimbul can create concepts for private, public and retail interiors. Our knowledge as product designers makes us able to customize and produce new products into an interior concept.

THE Story

Uncover Solutions

The word “fimbul” originates in norse mythology and means strong and powerful winter. In our interpretation, Fimbul means strong design from Norway focusing on Functionality, Norwegian tradition and Storytelling.

Fimbul was founded by Kristian Aarseth and Jo Korneliussen and in 2015 added Einar Juel to the team.  

What we do

Our design philosophy is concerned with problem identification and solving, therefore we always start our process with a thorough analysis. We uncover the underlying challenges and problems. We aim to provide solutions with the right balance between functionality, material characteristics, production methods and aesthetics. 

We specialize on product, furniture, and interior design, and we believe design can be a positive contribution to any complex problem. Read more about how we design under Philosophy.