Identical Perfection

The new design exhibition concept 100SERIE, developed by Fimbul celebrates the process of shaping and manufacturing modern, mass-produced consumer goods.

The image of brand new, identical products – fresh off the assembly line – used to be a symbol of mankind’s scientific and technological advances. Modern production technology has shaped the world we live in, our surroundings and functional objects. Yet in our post-modernist world, the concept of mass production carries quite a few negative connotations. Fearing conformity and detachment from their natural selves, some people look to artisanal, handcrafted alternatives for comfort. For designers, mass production requires rational thinking. Unlike the forgiving nature of handmade crafts, design for mass production demands flawless perfection in shape, functionality and use of materials.

The design show 100SERIE celebrates identical conformity in products. The exhibition offers a look into the process of shaping and manufacturing modern, mass-produced consumer goods.

100SERIE is an invitational project. Fimbul asked 5 different Norwegian design studios to contribute their unique interpretations of the task. The participating studios offer perspectives on the concept of mass production seen from different fields of design, such as furniture design, industrial design, graphic design and interaction design. In the end, each studio has come up with a functional and marketable product, which is made available for sale in a limited series of 100 numbered copies. The exhibition will show not only the finished products, but also insights and images from the design and manufacturing processes.
Participating design studios: Eggs with Tundra glass, Heydays with Erronous Throw, Gridy with Pan,Permafrost with 100 Racer, Fimbul with Canary Wharf Brush

Graphic- and Web design by Felix Skaara, Studio Photography by Johan Homquist.
Read more about 100sere and each project at 100serie.no

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