Canary Wharf Brush

The name ”Canary wharf” refers to the business district in London, and the British heritage of high quality leather shoes. We wanted to create a highly functional yet characteristic brush for the modern gentleman. As a sculptural artifact, the brush adds character to your hallway, and communicates the owner’s passion for high quality shoes.

The Canary Wharf brush challenges the traditional, and offers a shoe brush with new functionality and a strong identity. The characteristic hole in the wooden grip offers the possibility for a new variety of grips. The brush is produced in walnut or ash wood with horsehair brush and in an oiled varnish. It can also be produced in different colours or be sold as a set.

We have done a small scale test production in Germany to test the design. This means the production is already set up, and the design adjusted to current production methods. We are currently looking for a producer.

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