Design Philosophy

In our design process we tackle both product- and interior design using a non linear design process. We constantly backtrack our progress to ensure success in the end result. Identifying, understanding and solving the basic functional problems are vital to solve the the end users needs both as a consumer product or a floor plan for an office space. We specialise on product, furniture, and interior design, and we believe design can be a positive contribution to any complex problem.

Our design philosophy is concerned with problem identification and solving, therefore we always start our process with a thorough analysis. We dive into the project to uncover the underlying challenges and problems. Insights from this phase is vital to ensure success in the end result.

Concept development
We implement findings from our analysis to visualise and make design propositions. Working close with our clients we make sure everybody get their say. Often it is the unexpected insights that push the concept into an idea which best solves the problem

After deciding on a concept we develop it into a finished design. Using CAD tools we are able to make production-ready drawings and partner up with a producer. We find the right balance between functionality, material characteristics, production methods, aesthetics and cost.

Using our skilled partners, Fimbul offers project management. We are able to follow a project from sketch to finished product. An important part of our process is to deal with changes in the design or the infrastructure around it.

Our services

Product design
User testing
Concept development 
Prototyping and testing
CAD and visualization
Product photography

Interior design
Functional analysis
Floor planning and visualization
Furniture production
Project managment
Bespoke design
Office space & retail
Kitchen design


Kristian Aarseth
Industrial Designer
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Jo Korneliussen
Interior Architect 
Furniture Designer
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Einar Juel
Political Scientist 
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