Norwegian Classics

Norwegian Classics is a project in collaboration with DogA. The project were developed for Nordic Design fair which is a furniture fair focusing on norwegian furniture from the 50´s 60´s and 70´s. 

The goal of this project was to create a storyteller about Norwegian design. Norway has a rich design history, and these cups and towels tells the story about our design heritage. Share a cup of coffee with a friend and help us retell the stories. First class porcelain products produced in Norway by Figgjo. Screenprinted tea towels on linnen fabric. in the colours black, red and blue.

Fimbul has made illustrations of classic furniture by the Norwegian designers: Siggurd Resell - Falcon (1971), Fredrik Kayser - Krysset (1956), Hans Brattrud - Scandia nett (1959), Sven Ivar Dysthe - Planet (1965) and Peter Opsvik - Tripp Trapp (1972).

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