Pullert Bench

Pullert bench originates in maritime surroundings with clear associations to the sea and seafaring. The name “Pullert” is a naval word and is a device on a pier to tie down ships. We originally designed the bench with Danish School of Design on Holmen in Copenhagen in mind; the school building has a long naval history.

The organic shape in the wooden elements takes inspiration from Scandinavian wooden boat traditions and naval equipment. The bench functions as a space divider against piers and docks and offers seating. The Pullert bench is also appropriate in public spaces away from the ocean. Its strong expression will contribute to strengthen the identity of the space in which it stands.

Through the restrained and classical choice of materials, the bench fits in with both modern and traditional architecture. The seating element created from a single piece of solid oak. The foundation can be made in steel or concrete and easily anchored to the ground.
Produced by Inventarrum

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