Villmann Furniture

Villmann is a low shelving system consisting of different modules. The modules is designed for optimal production where all components is milled out using a cnc-milling system. This makes production and assembly faster. Villmann is delivered fully assembled and is put together with out any skrews. The modules small sizes makes it possible to transport in a small car. This is important since we wanted to create a product with a long life span which is possible bring from one living space to the next.

Villmann is directly translated to Savage, but also carrying connotations of curious and cheeky. The system consists of nine different modules, this gives the customer the ability to put his or hers personal touch into the assembly. The storage boxes also acts as drawers that can be removed, the boxes fits into all the different compartments in the system and gives the opportunity to utter more customize. One of the units is delivered with wheels and transforms it into a mobile unIt for your beverages or books. With the seating unit “Sittemann” it is possible to integrate seating into the storage system. The near endless possibilities to variate the system makes it into a diverse pieces of furniture that can adapt to anything from the bedroom, entry, kitchen or office.

The shelves can be finished in birch, walnut or ash wood, the sides of the plywood creates a graphical expression that emphasize the the different compartments. Contact us if you want to order. We will ship to your home address. Shipping will add an extra fee. Contact us for prices.

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